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On this website, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of careers guides for both students and those looking to climb a little further up the career ladder.

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Useful resources:

We are often asked for recommendations for guides – here are the ones we share again and again:

  • Prospects job profiles – these are so useful when writing a CV as they allow you to look at the sort of skills and experience an employer wants to see. It’s not always in the job advert so these can give you an extra edge.
  • National Careers Service – a fantastic website with so much to offer. There are job profiles, skills assessments, links to courses for further study and guidance on where to find job vacancies.
  • Cover letter samples – these have been prepared for the Guardian and they are a really good starting point if you’re sitting there with writer’s block.
  • My World of Work – an excellent site by Skills Development Scotland. Career options, training guides and finding a job.
  • CV Template Master – our absolute favourite site for free CV templates, with lots of designs that take into account the trend towards using ATS (Applicant Tracking Software).