3 tips to help you give a great job interview

If you want to ace the next job interview that comes your way, then you’ve come to the right place. Planning and preparation are the two most valuable things you can do if you want to have a successful interview and stand a great chance of getting the job. But what you need to research and how you prepare for a job interview is where most people need guidance.

Here are 3 tips to help you get one step ahead of your competition, and ace that job interview!

Research the role and the company

Having an excellent understanding of the role and the company will help you to shape all of your answers. The interviewer is going to want to see that you understand the industry and have a good grasp of their goals. The employer will easily recognise those that are well informed and keep up to date. It would be insulting not too!

Research the industry by reading as many publications as you can. This could be news articles, the company’s website, and any social media pages they may have.

It is not always easy to gain more details on the actual role itself, but you could still find out a great deal online if this isn’t something you’ve done before. It may also be possible to speak to someone who works for the company to gain some insider information.

Don’t be afraid to call the manager and ask for more guidance on the role. This will not only put you in a great position for the interview, it will also make yourself known to the manager and leave a positive memorable impression.

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Consider your USP

Try to come up with a few unique selling points that can be discussed in the interview. You want to stand out from the rest by offering unique expertise, experience and knowledge. Even if you don’t have experience in that particular role or industry, you can still focus upon your outstanding achievements and show how they can be transferred over to the job.

Your selling points should also be coupled with your reasons for wanting the job. You need to show passion and dedication to your career, and make the employer realise that you here because you want to succeed and enjoy the work. The salary is always important, but should be equal to job satisfaction.

Someone who is hungry for the role will stand a far greater chance than someone who turns up for the interview and sticks to the script. An interview is not a one way street, and you should be asking your own questions and volunteering information they would not always gain by asking standard questions.

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Get ahead of any concerns

If you don’t have the perfect CV for the role, and let’s face it who does, then you need to get ahead of any concerns the employer may have. They are always looking for ways to challenge the candidate and weed out anyone who isn’t up to the task.

It could be that you lack the relevant experience, or that you don’t have a perfect set of skills fitting to the role. In any case, whatever you may be lacking needs to be addressed before the interview so you don’t end up freezing when the questions get difficult.

Plan ahead and jot down all the things that are likely to be questioned in the interview. Make a few notes on how you would respond and ensure you always put a positive spin on anything you are lacking by diverting the interviewer to what you have to offer – not what you can’t.

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