Acquiring companies, to acquire talent


ACQHire, the Mark Zuckerberg approach to hiring. For those who haven’t used the application or who haven’t seen the film, Mark Zuckerberg is the prodigious programmer who created Facebook. Almost ubiquitous, the social networking application has conquered those under 30, almost done the same for those 30-50 and is now in hot pursuit of conquering … Read moreAcquiring companies, to acquire talent

3 reasons why your CV will fail to get an interview

A Curriculum Vitae is the go to document for every employer wanting to find out who has what it takes to join their company. The hiring manager has the unenviable task of reading through the many applications they receive to try and distinguish which one is the real deal. It isn’t easy, and although it … Read more3 reasons why your CV will fail to get an interview

Should I mention my age on my CV?

Older candidate in job interview

We’d all like to imagine a world where recruiters are completely unbiased and infallible. Unfortunately the reality is that assumptions are very quickly made about candidates based on a CV. With that in mind, it’s wise to leave certain personal information off of your application. Also, personal information does not need to be discussed in … Read moreShould I mention my age on my CV?