Manage Your Hospitality Staff To Get The Best From Your Team

For a new manager, this is not an easy task. There are some core basics however, to put in place to lay a foundation of trust and respect amongst your staff and get the best from your team:

Create Trust

Trust is critical in any working relationship. It is important to know that trust is not easily gained and is always tested. It is also easily lost. Only one false move, such as making a promise but not delivering on it, is all it takes to lose an employees’ trust.

Treat All Hospitality Staff with Respect (Irrespective of their role!)

From the kitchen porter to senior members of staff, everyone in your team is important. Each staff member needs to know that they are as valuable to the business as any other employee, and they must be treated as such.

Give your Team Credit

Nothing kills employee motivation like a manager taking all the credit for team success. Make sure that achievements are celebrated collectively and good work highlighted. Regularly let your staff know that you appreciate their contributions. Describe successes as ‘We’.

Listen to Your Team

Good managers consider the implications for their team and their company before making any important decisions or changes. By consulting your employees, you will make them feel appreciated and their opinions valued. Staff members may also potentially come up with some great new ideas or alternatives!

Take Responsibility

Acknowledging personal errors will encourage an honest and loyal attitude amongst staff. This will encourage staff accountability and build an environment where staff are not afraid to admit to mistakes or errors.

Reward Staff

Even small positive changes make a difference and these should not go unnoticed. Praise and reward staff even for small achievements. This will help establish a positive environment and motivate other staff members for reward too. People want to feel valued and appreciated. This will help you keep your team focussed and motivated.

Be Approachable

If you are calm, patient and welcoming, staff will feel more comfortable approaching you. Being approachable will also help you establish respect.

It is important that you understand your staff members. How do they perform under stress?  What do they value? What motivates them? Creating a team that is fully confident in its own ability, will only boost your productivity and success.

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